First St. Mark Prays for Houston and the World and those affected by Coronavirus
Let's do our part to help (by washing our hands, cleaning most used surface areas, and if you're sick call the doctor, then visit the doctor).

Jesus Saves!
Everyone is talking about Coronavirus, but Let us tell You about 
Jesus and His Salvation! Jesus Saves!
3/19/2020 Pastor Carter Addresses Concerns- Update #2

We will  give further instructions for Sunday on Saturday morning. Thanks to all those that tuned in for our Live Bible Study Broadcast.

3/14/2020 Pastor Carter Addresses Concerns

Based Upon the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Report: Considering the COVID-19 Virus, we the members of First St Mark Baptist Church want to be adherent and proactive in doing what we can to make everyone feel comfortable in the worship service. We are a warm welcoming church family that always greet visitors and each other with a smile, a handshake and often, a hug. However, in consideration of the recommendations in combating this virus, we will observe the following practices: There will be no handshaking, and no hugging. We are asking each worshiper to practice proper hygiene, which includes but not limited to regular hand-washing, which is key to combating the spread of viruses. Bring your own small container of hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with Tissue. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms including coughing, sore throat, fever, muscle aches, chills, congestion, runny nose and fatigue, you should refrain from coming to church, or going to work and see your primary care physician for evaluation. Until the medical professionals have deemed that the threat has been contained, this will be the practice of our church. Although this will be difficult for a traditionally friendly people, we will get through this with the Lord’s help. This WILL NOT affect the love atmosphere that will continue to be the norm at our church. Although, we are cautious and will follow all recommendations; our TRUST is always in our heavenly Father, who has and will Cover US! Also thanks for the collaborative input of The First St. Mark Health Professionals.   With the Love of God Your Pastor